Your Task: Read one of the books from the selection below, and complete the corresponding Study Guide that follows. Please do your best work.

Due Date: September 5, 2014

Click below to access your Summer Reading List. Please note that each title has a corresponding Study Guide linked at the bottom of this page. The Study Guide is not a required assignment, nor will it be assessed. However, you will take a test in September on your summer reading book. For the test, you may use your handwritten guide or any handwritten notes that you have taken.

8th Grade List.jpg

Click the book covers below to find's summary and reviews for each title on your Summer Reading List. Choose one book from the selection, read it carefully, and complete the Study Guide. For added enjoyment, read a few more books this summer!! See you in September!

Click below to open the Summer Reading Study Guide for the book you read. Complete each part carefully, and submit your work to your ELA teacher at the start of school in September.