Students need to be aware that it is unethical (and illegal) to post pictures found on another website to the web without the permission of the owner. You are not permitted to post copyrighted material to our wiki without the owner's permission. This includes posting copyrighted pictures for your avatar. To do so is called copyright infringement. If there is a picture that you would like to use, you must contact the owner and get permission.
So how do you create an avatar? One way is to create your own graphic using a drawing program like Paint. Also, some websites offer graphics or clipart to use freely. You may use these graphics or you may use a free graphic generator to create your own graphics. Here are a some sites that have free graphics.
Tux Paint Artist Gallery http://www.tuxpaint.org/gallery/
Glass Giant.com http://www.glassgiant.com/make_pictures.php
Image Chef http://www.imagechef.com/ic/product.jsp**