Election Research Pathfinder

Use the following table to help you find useful sources of information for your Presidential Election research. Students must use a minimum of two sources in two different categories of information.

How Do I Use It?
Internet Sources
Library website—Go to
Subject Sites,
Social Studies, Presidential Election.
Search keywords or subject directories as directed on website.
Useful sites listed on the Library website!
Internet Sources
Library website--Go to Search Tools
Search a URL.
Use a search engine or subject directory.
Required: Use a Site Check Form to evaluate website.
View videos more than once to take effective notes.
Library website— Go to Databases
Enter user name and password. Use keyword search or subject directory.
Click on Multimedia for video and audio links. Choose appropriate level.
The Philadelphia Inquirer or Newsbank
Hard copy in Library
Access PA Power Library on Library website, Database page
From home, go to Access PA Power Library @ Home. Enter your public library card barcode number.
Philadelphia Inquirer—Limit search by a date range.
Magazines and newspapers
Library website—Databases; POWERLibrary
Use Middle Search Plus; search keyword(s)
Magazines and newspapers
World Book Online
Library Website—Databases
Search keyword(s). Select article. Use outline to the left of the article to find specific information in article.
To learn more check Related Information box on right side of screen. See encyclopedia articles, websites, and magazine articles.
Use Grolier Online’s
Grolier Multimedia or New Book of Knowledge.
Library Website—Databases
Select database. Search keyword(s).
Use Table of Contents to find specific information in encyclopedia articles.
To learn more, click web links and periodical (magazine) links found at the upper right of encyclopedia article.
BrainPOP—Video database
Library website—
Enter user name and password. Click on Social Studies and search Elections to see videos available or search topic using search box.
View each video related to your topic and take notes.
Campaign brochures, Interview, Visit, Online Contact with an Expert
Democratic or Republican Headquarters in Flourtown
Contact agency or individual to make an appointment. Conduct an interview by phone or in person. Be respectful. Take notes.
Write ten good questions that you want to ask in the interview. Leave space to write the expert’s answers. Send a thank you note.
Magazines, News, Reference, Multimedia sources
Student Resource Center
Library website—Databases
Subject or keyword search; check full text.

Select level (Basic or Intermediate).
Select Magazines, News, Reference, or Multimedia.
Magazines, News, Multimedia sources
Library website—Databases
Search subject, check full text. On next screen click on Subdivisions to get to more specific information.
Select Magazines, News, or Multimedia.