In order to be successful with your science fair project, follow these guidelines:

The Scientific Method is used to do a science fair project and answer a specific question. Follow these steps in this order, and you will be successful.

1. Research--Use the Science Fair Pathfinder on the Library Website to research background information about your broad topic.
· Cite each source and take notes using NoodleBib.
· NoodleBib notecards will be checked throughout the project. Four different sources are required, but please don’t stop there! You may have more!!

2. Based on your Research form a hypothesis to answer your question.

3. Set up the Experiment
· Decide how you will prove or disprove (test) your hypothesis. You should be able to measure the outcome.
· Variables—Test only 1 variable during your experiment. Keep all other factors constant.
· You must perform your experiment three times unless okayed by science teacher. It is possible to have the three experiments going on at the same time.
· Consider how much time it will take and plan ahead.